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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Change happens when a person connects their passion and talents with the needs of the community.

We make a powerful impact when we live the change we want to see in the world.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Steampunk Tree House


If I were to live in a tree in the desert...


a dream

Woken from a dream by post-nasal drippage coughing to climb out of a warm-lover bed and sit up on the blue glow whirring computer, sucking on a drop with a roll of toilet paper.

Treading through shin-high water for escape. Looking to take the short cut to where ever it is that we're going: a destination that's safe, comfortable, and home-like. Wading through the marsh, crouching down as car boats pass, our bags are not cumbersome. Urgent, but cautious; 2 men and 2 women boasting face paint (I cannot see mine, and Dietrich's is of a raccoon) problem solve and whisper. I hop the barbed fence to the other side first. Dietrich next. Egon third. April finds a hole underneath and scootches through. Dry land walking, we've almost made it.

We all come to a large gray-toned industrial shop. We know where we are going, somehow: down this hallway, into this elevator: floor 2. The janitor pays us no heed, the mother with the stroller aggressively hip checks the elevator doors to get on. We are inwardly giddy. I grin uncontrollably on the inside. Red light ignites, we're off to sit and rest by some stairs. Exhausted, Dietrich wipes his raccoon face leaving shadows of edges around cheekbones and forehead.

We wander around for a while, climbing stairs, being safe.

Edible Alchemy

Edible Alchemy:

Alchemy (Arabic:al-kimia) (Hebrew:אלכימיה al-khimia) is both a philosophy and a practice with an aim of achieving ultimate wisdom as well as immortality, involving the improvement of the alchemist as well as the making of several substances described as possessing unusual properties. The practical aspect of alchemy generated the basics of modern inorganic chemistry, namely concerning procedures, equipment and the identification and use of many current substances.

-from the wiki.

We are alchemists. We alchemize with edibles.

The mission of Edible Alchemy is to create, connect, and expand a vibrant community through food; we are a catalyst for people to discuss, share, and enjoy food together. Food is our community connector: we believe that good food is essential to healthy individuals and healthy communities. Edible Alchemy organizes potlucks, local organic produce box distributions, volunteer opportunities, and organizes and provides food for related community events.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The world of gaea.

So this is a blog, eh?