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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Garden Workdays: Spring edition

Thank you! Thank you......

to everyone who threw down and made the most recent garden workdays amazing! There was so much great energy and excitement. Around 15 people showed up this past Sunday to work, get dirty, have fun, be outside, eat food, and meet new people.

Rich, the construction master!

D and Jonathan reinforcing walls

Thinning radishes and weeding

Sunning in the sun, after digging a lot of dirt, and hauling a lot of rocks.

Lots of digging, hauling rocks, weeding, cutting wood, constructing beds, seeding, labeling, cooking, and eating. Basically, a blast.

The ladies working on seedling tomatoes, peppers, basil, herbs, fennel, and eggplants.

Detail of the last of the eastern beds.

The western beds, all built!

The rooftop, as of Sunday evening, center beds started by Madelon and her 2 young chaps.

So, big love and thanks to:

Tom Clever
Jonathan the great
Month of Mae

and... for our materials:
The Rebuilding Exchange
Gethsemane Gardens
Brew & Grow
Windy City Harvest
Grand Street Gardens

and and.... all those who worked on the rooftop previously, laying a great foundation for what we are doing now.

:) The garden is flourishing already, with community love and dedication. Look forward to more workdays, some workshops in the future, and general hanging out in a lovely garden!

Spring sprung sproing!

The days are getting longer, and the plants are responding with rapid growth! Zoom!

The dew covered carrot seedlings. Radishes are coming along, some even starting to bulge slightly.

A forest of Red Russian Kale.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

the season is upon us.

The plants are growing. Tiny leaves on the trees! Spring storms and winds that make your bike scoot sideways. We have workdays in the garden this week, in between wildly busy and delicious Edible Alchemy pick-ups.

I've been spinning fire again, as the cold does not make my hands numb when I hold my fans!
We're in the toddler stages of creating a performance troupe, something that I've been itching to do for years, but have never found the right time, place, or people. But now!

fire photos: credit to Lera Gershevich, 2010