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Monday, March 15, 2010

Over wintered greens

Dietrich and I went out to check on the plants in their hoop houses today, half expecting everything to be dead. And, there's life! According to our friends:

"Yay! Life reigns!"
"babies babies everywhere"

The purple kale, shown above, was the hardiest over-winterer. It still is chugging along, looking awesomely tasty. The frosts brought out the deep purple even more in the leaves.

Spinach also looked great, showing more growth even. Spinach is super hardy, growing (slowly) in very cold conditions. You can see our yellow onions sprouting behind them.

Here, our hard-neck garlic is sending up shoots. They're all super happy and ready to get photosynthesizing after the dormancy of bulb life.

We also planted our lettuce bed, some carrots (yellowstone and 2 nantes varieties), radishes (pink and purple!), and a row of arugula. Let the spring spring soon.

Garden workdays to be announced later! I can't wait to get dirty.