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Friday, August 6, 2010

Edible Alchemy Summer Feastival 2010

The feastival last weekend was amazing. Completely amazing.

I estimate that we had over 300 people out through the night to come and support Eco and Edible Alchemy (the co-op I help to organize)! It was quite magical to experience the rollercoaster that is preparing for an event. So much hard work; CLEANING, re-arranging, planning, contacting volunteers + performers, ordering food, prepping food, coordinating things, CLEANING, and thinking through every possible scenario to anticipate all the details. (I was exhausted). Then, the event! Photo credit: Eric Scott Baker

the event itself was magic. A continuous wave of dear friends, new faces, acquaintances, and total strangers all wanting to share their energies and excitement during the night. !! Oh, and the food! and the music :) and the fire!

Our menu:

Edible Alchemy Feastival


Summer 2010

Bruschetta with goat cheese and raspberry balsamic reduction

Polenta squares with tomato-mushroom tapenade

Quiche with rainbow chard

Collard wraps filled with cucumbers, carrots, avocados, and marinated mushrooms, dressed with peanut sauce

Indian spiced sprouted lentils in lettuce cups


Raw coconut and chocolate coconut macaroons

Vegan chai latte cake

Gluten-free raspberry cake

All produce is locally and sustainably grown, with the exception of avocados and ginger.


it was scrumptious! We're very excited to continue to do catering projects for events- our next feastival will most likely be a fancy schmancy harvest dinner party at eco, in October or early November. yum! The Edible team is currently canning like fiends to capture the delicious ripeness of the harvest season. We've been making pickles of all sorts, canning sauce, dehydrating apricots and peaches, simmering down berries, and macerating the most delicious herbs into pestos. It's good to put up food this year- I always want to and never make the time to.

On a fire-y note: spinning fire in the garden was a big part of the feastival for me. I love spinning fire in the garden... it's something about connecting two things that I love so much right now- the fire and the plants. (Though they don't mesh very when when put in tight quarters, sadly.) So many good friends from all over came out to play :)

Here, Kanyon from detroit throws down on the roof.
Photo credit: Eric Scott Baker

So, even though the Feastival was an insane amount of work- it was totally worth it. And I'd probably do it again. Probably sooner rather than later. (Look for a fundraising fancy schmancy benefit dinner, coming round harvest time. )

am I crazy? I hope so.

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