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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Eco Rooftop Garden Workdays

Somehow, things have been falling in my lap. Opportunities galore! Most recently, the rooftop garden at ECO has been dormant for 2+ years. This past week (after over a month of prep on my and dietrich's part), we hosted 2 workdays and fixed most drainage issues, built 9 amazing beds, started huge composters, and organized the work areas. I'm sore absolutely all over. It feels good. :)

The east beds filled with dirt.

The west beds, outfitted with drainage. Dirt to come!

Compost bin skeletons. We will make so much compost...

From writing a business plan in the Windy City Harvest class I graduated from today, we have been able to accept huge amounts of donations, such as 100 pieces of 2x6 lumber from the Rebuilding Exchange, hundreds of seed packets from Donna at Gethsemane Gardens, and aggregate from David at Brew & Grow. Donations and volunteers are coming in rampantly. (more are always accepted!) It's amazing what community can do, eh?

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