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Sunday, October 11, 2009

time today


Non-profit Organization


(I have not done so much research on my own, ever. ( Researching business ideas and terms? Andrea? Are you alright?) But, don't worry. It's all for the fresh-veggie-life.

At least I feel like I'm doing something that matters. MATTERS? yep. It's been my dilemma ever since I first learned you could be socially conscious. I just didn't know how.

Life takes you in crazy ways. Bumps you into the right people to be with, if you're open.)

On another note, I had a dream that I drank acid-laced water last night, out of a red nalgene. I was set to perform, in the back labyrinths of some badly picked out cream hallways and dressing rooms. Just bopping about with the girls from another life, from my time at Savelli's.
Anxious, for some reason. I think that I wanted some sort of altered consciousness or new view on things. However, this didn't come with the methods my dream self chose.


  1. is that picture of you in the blue scarf? it's really beautiful.

  2. yes, it is. :) I have more that you would probably appreciate. :)