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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

garden awakenings

Most mornings, I get to go out onto the roof and check things out. A grounding way to start my day- coffee and water bucket in hand.

I'm becoming obsessed with watching the growth of all the plants on the roof. I can't wait to see
someing sprout! The nasturtiums, burgundy and green garden beans, and pickling cucumbers. Checking them everyday (most times twice to thrice) is a beautiful way to learn plant anatomy and the different processes of plants growing: from sprout to leaf to flower to seed.

We were gifted all the seeds from our garden from friends who saved them or donations of Gethsemane Gardens. Most of them are heirlooms or heritage breeds- meaning they are older "tried and true" seeds. Their genes have not been puzzled about but by bees or a curious grower.
Heirloom breeds are not often found in supermarkets because they don't yield crazy amounts of fruit. Instead, their fruits may be strangely shaped or colored, smaller, and fewer. But, do they sure taste succulent. Subtle and powerful flavors and textures.... I can't wait.....

sage from our friend Matteo in bloom, along with spinach going to seed in the heat in the most conical way, and the first sunflower of the garden (with squash monkey hangin' out in the background.)

oh, gardens!

PS We have a garden workday coming up Saturday, June 5 and Sunday, June 6 from 11-5. Please contact me to join us!

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