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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The garden is growing! Amazing to see how everything perseveres on despite all the rain and spring storms.

Above: earth dent corn.

above right: Thai Basil

right: Flat leaf Parsley

The cats still love it out there. I mean, duh, really.

Kale flowers, and Sweet Genovese Basil. Nom.

and, Eleven kitty exploring!

Monsoon season this year was indeed a monsoon season. It stormed and rained most of June- flooding out a lot of our farmers and their crops for Edible Alchemy. Eep. But, the fruit looks absolutely decadent. The vegetables are a little sad, but not that sad :) They're still delicious. Things are getting a bit dry-er now, which is more than welcome. Although it'll require more watering on the roof now.

Eco gets a new roof, a re-organized garage, a re-finished attic live space, new roommates, and re-intentioned basement all this coming July. Watch out for a flurry of work... Wa-hoo! Eco reboot 20.10

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